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Addminstro – Alert EP PAR010 – Released 28th January

Posted by BasslineBlog On January - 27 - 2013

Addminstro – Alert EP PAR010 – Released 28th January

The team over at Project All Out are back with another strong EP, this time based on Addminstro’s “Alert.” With the original followed up by 5 remixes from some of grimes heavyweights there’s bound to be something for everyone with this remix package! Released on the 28th of January on Juno. Look out for some collobarations coming from both ourselves & Project All Out in the near future.


4.PJAM REMIX – Alert

Walter Ego – Wavey/Military Mind (Coyote003)

Posted by BasslineBlog On January - 17 - 2013

Walter Ego – Wavey/Military Mind (Coyote003)

I’ve got a lot of time for labels who are doing things the correct way, Coyote Records is definitely one of these, quickly building momentum with their 3rd release imminent.
From the label that brought you TS7′s “Grade A” & Mella Dee’s “CTRL” names who you should all be familiar with if your a regular reader. This time they have picked Sheffield producer Walter Ego! A man who has been quickly gaining a name for himself in recent times after featuring on Boiler Room TV & releasing “Set Off” featuring Trim on Girls Music ran by Toddla T, to name a few of his recent achievements!
Wavey was originally played back on Plasticians Rinse FM show last year, Walter Ego felt it needed a vinyl release and Coyote Records did just that. This heavy hitting grime track has plenty of energy and wont sound out of place amongst a variety of audiences. Personally I picture this track fitting perfectly in a dimmly lit warehouse with a Soundsystem weighty enough to carry that bass, certain to get at least the one reload from the crowds reaction. Hopefully going to hear this track when Walter Ego plays at Knives & Forks, as I haven’t heard it out yet!

Military Mind still being grime, is a lot skippier & up beat with a wicked coin sample right before the drop. Both the tracks are cleverly named (which can be rare sometimes) & I feel they fit the mood accordingly.
Unlike other Coyote releases, both tracks are originals with no remixes to accompany them but as they use different flows they should work well together as a release…especially on vinyl which is another added bonus! As these releases are on Vinyl, delays can happen but if all goes to plan this should be getting heard from late February onwards!



Walter Ego – Wavey
Walter Ego – Military Mind

Mr Dubz – Energy Music EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On December - 2 - 2012

Mr Dubz Energy Music EP

Project All Out Recordings set up for their 9th release to end the year, and this is undoubtly the biggest release from the Sheffield based label run by DJ Skillz. The man behind Energy Music is Mr Dubz the man responsible for the releases of Danky Skank as well as a personal favourite Face Time EP. This new EP (and I use the word EP loosely as its practically an album) shows Mr Dubz’s diversity as a producer through 12 bass heavy tracks which can be previewed on Soundcloud below!

If I have to pick a few stand out tracks the first would definitly be Grom, it takes me back to Bunga Bunga number 4, where I first witnessed the damage this producer could also cause with a pair of decks. It sums up the idea of energy music perfectally from start to finish and has that very rough and ready feel too it! Hopefully this track will get picked up and heard in a club near you.
The second track i’d like to highlight is a much more mellow choice but still encorporates the idea of energy. Back For More Part 1 has a lovely vocal sample that partners perfectally with the chosen synths. Can see this slotting in nicely with any bass driven set.
These two selections are at opposite ends of the spectrum but show his interpretation of club driven energy music! Although i’ve only highlighted these two as my favourite the whole EP is quality music from start to finish and I hope it does as well as it deserves..Lands 3rd of December!
Keep an eye out for Krampus 2 from the PAR team coming soon!

1 Mr. Dubz – Energy Cru
2 Mr. Dubz – Reach Out
3 Mr. Dubz – Clappa
4 Mr. Dubz – Fire Like This
5 Mr. Dubz – Or Wah
6 Mr. Dubz – Grom
7 Mr. Dubz – Retreat
8 Mr. Dubz – Pressure
9 Mr. Dubz – Crystal City
10 Mr. Dubz – One 45
11 Mr. Dubz – Back 4 More Pt. 1
12 Mr. Dubz – Mental ft. Shinobi

Purchase from Juno by clicking here.

EnGee & Ethan RYan – Sweet & Sour EP – Bandcamp August 9th

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 1 - 2012

EnGee & Ethan RYan – Sweet & Sour EP – Bandcamp August 9th

The Sweet & Sour EP is a 4 track grime instrumental EP brough to you by EnGee & Ethan RYan who have both had previous work featured on the blog so make sure you go and check that out!

This time they are releasing The Sweet & Sour EP via Bandcamp for £3.49, as its available for pre order they are currently running a promotion where you will recieve 2 free grime instrumentals if you show them proof of purchase via twitter. So make sure to follow these two on twitter not only for the promotion but also to keep up to date with their latest music!

@engeemusic @itsethanryan


1. Sweet & Sour (Prod. by Ethan RYan & EnGee)
2. Mango Juice (Prod. by Ethan RYan & EnGee)
3. Grape Soda (Prod. by Ethan RYan)
4. Icey (Prod. by EnGee)

DSL – Get On Up EP – Released 10th August

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 1 - 2012

DSL – Get On Up EP

For readers based in Sheffield or regular readers of the blog Project All Out records run by DJ Skillz will be a familiar name to you by now as Iv been supporting since the first release. This new release “Get On Up” uses a very simple sample of “Get On Up” very similar to a previous release “The Difference EP” instead this time the original is produced by Audio Waxx’s front man DSL, his first release on the label has been a long time coming but its certainly worth the wait!

With such a simple sample its important for a remix EP to bring variety and thats exactly what they label went for with Addminstro, Moony, Spooky, Mr Dubz & Singletown each bringing their own flavour to the original!

DSL’s original has a very nice progressive introduction which quickly changes into a heavy hitting bass paired with claps & the focus of the EP the sample “Get On Up”

Whats great is that each of the remixes has used the sample in a different way which creates diversity throughout the whole EP. All of these producers I have been following for a while and I enjoy the majority of their work but for me the tropical flavour moony brings to the EP is awesome, but the standout remix is Singletowns for me personally! A young producer from Sheffield who I first noticed on a Project All Out Mailout had his remix of “Get On Up” played on Toddla T’s Radio 1 show!

The EP is released on the 10th of August and if you like what you hear make sure to go and look through Project All Outs back catalogue by clicking here.


DSL – Get On Up
DSL – Get On Up (Addminstro Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Moony Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Spooky Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Mr Dubz Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Singletown Remix)

DJ Q – Brandy & Coke / JD & Coke – Vinyl Only – Released February 2012













BBC 1xtra DJ, DJ Q has started 2012 as he means to go on firstly releasing the All Junglist EP and now releasing the highly anticipated Brandy & Coke which has had overwhelming feedback ever since he first spun it on his 1xtra show! A few months down the line and he has organised for this to be released alongside “JD & Coke” via Local Action Records. Keep an eye out for an exact date as I’m sure they wont be around for long!

LOCWHITE003. DJ Q – Brandy & Coke by Local Action Records

Slick Don – Everybody Hates Slicks

Posted by BasslineBlog On December - 6 - 2011

Slick Don – Everybody Hates Slicks

01. Intro
02. What’s My Name (Toddla T Remix)
03. We Get P’s
04. Mana Got Bars
05. Wine Down Low (feat. Oxide & Neutrino)
06. Bum Brownin 2011
07. Let You Know
08. It’s Not A Ting
09. Celebrate Life (feat. Lauren Mason)
10. Which Girl
11. Everybody Hates Slickz
12. Bring Me Down (feat. Lauren Mason)
13. Beating Around The Bush
14. Imagine (feat. Janiece Myers)
15. All The Way
16. Life (feat. CAD) Bonus Track

Available to buy from



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