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TS7 Trio!

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 12 - 2012

TS7 Trio!

After releasing Jam Volume 4, easily the standout bassline release for me in 2011, TS7 has been hard at work in the studio and uploaded 3 new clips to his Soundcloud this week.

Clip number 1 is of “Nothing To Show” which was first played by DJ Q on BBC 1xtra a few weeks back. The clip has a very atmospheric beginning with clever vocal chops from an unnamed male artist. It then drops into an upbeat organ/garage beat with the vocal chops continued throughout. What I find great about this track is that although it’s very up lifting you can still pick out those dark ts7 basses that you find in many of his 4×4 productions  – Due to its multiple influences “Nothing to show” has had a great response from his fans and it looks like a release could be on the cards!

Baring in mind I was also listening to these clips in the order they were uploaded on Monday, “Real Love” was the second to appear just as quick as the first. Real Love, yet again has a very smooth introduction with relaxing melodies complimented by female vocal chops. The bass in “Real Love” has an old school garage feel to it which you may not have expected as much from TS7, yet as the track continues and he begins to put his own twist on the garage feel, it becomes more apparent that TS7 is behind this smash of a track!

At times you may forget that this is infact a Bassline blog but “On My Own” quickly reminds you of the reason you are here! TS7 admittedly said himself that he went for a 2007 feel for “On My Own.” Now most producers who announce they have tried to bring back an older feel to Bassline have sounded very different, not only to 2007 but also to themselves. TS7 has not only managed to bring back that 2007 feel but at the same time it sounds upto date and relevant. While writing this im glad to see that its been the best recieved track out of the 3 clips which proves there is still a demand for bassline – 700 plays in a week isnt bad going! It also looks like this could be released at some time within the near future so keep your eyes pealed.

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