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DJ Q – The Archive Album

Posted by BasslineBlog On July - 22 - 2012

DJ Q – The Archive Album

As iv mentioned throughout 2012, DJ Q has been working very hard in making sure that he is not only making lots of new music, but also making it accessible to his ever growing fanbase, which I’m a huge supporter of as its one of the many reasons I started the blog in the reason. Believe it or not so far this year DJ Q has managed to release new music for every month of the year, his most recent Dibby Dibby Sound on Girls Music was a perfect example of UK Bass music rising in popularity as it has been backed by DJ’s you wouldnt usually associate with Bassline which is great to see!

July is quickly approaching and he’s unvailed a project I know he has been wanting to release for a while now “The Archive.” Not many producers in Bassline have such a varied and successful back catalogue as DJ Q so for him to select his personal favourite right back from 2003 too present is a real treat! Tracks such as Tea Bag, Shottas & Fear feature aswell as exclusive unheard tracks im sure supporters will welcome!

Check out what DJ Q had to say about the release below along with the tracklist & showreel! The Archive is set for release on the 22nd of July and for anyone who can’t wait until then make sure you grab DJ Q’s remix of “Tutti Frutti” & “Big Man” which are both out on the 2nd of July!

Just when you thought bassline music was on its last breath, someone comes in and revives it with one injection of well-made works. Birthed up North, bassline has had a turbulent ten years. Even when London’s inner bass circle showed the genre no love, it managed to last the distance in club land in its hometown and surrounding counties. DJ Q is someone who has always championed the sound that brought you chart bangers such as ‘You Wot’ and T2’s ‘Heartbroken’, and his latest venture is set to win over the ears of the most hard-to-please bass music lover.

Remember travelling up to Niche in Sheffield to hear your favourite DJ throw down wobbly beats every week? Well, now you can relive your raving past with DJ Q’s forthcoming EP, ‘The Archive’. Even if you’re new to this unique take on UKG, this compilation will educate you from the roots up! Featuring some of Bassline’s most memorable tracks from 2003 to present day – such as ‘Tea Bag’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Shottas’, DJ Q has skilfully gone on a journey of Bassline evolution with impressive qresults.

For more info on DJ Q / Q Recordings please contact: info@djqmusic.com


1. The Intro
2. Back 2 Bassics
3. Fukt
4. Dirty
5. Inst-rue-mental
6. The Reasons
7. The Haven’t Got A Chance
8. Shottas
9. Unit 50
10. Fat
11. Original Bad
12. Shuffle
13. Fear
14. Watching You
15. Afraid
16. Tea Bag
17. The Reasons Remix
18. Old Flex
19. Free Stevie
20. Rider
21. Shades
22. What To Do
23. Victory (Bonus Track)
24. Tea Bag Remix (Bonus Track)
25. You Got Me Remix (Bonus Track)

Or buy the highest quality version from Juno here.

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