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Posted by BasslineBlog On April - 25 - 2011

At BasslineBlog we believe that unity and communication is key to return Bassline to its former glory as I’m sure we are all aware it has struggled over the previous year or so. We believe that one of the main causes of this is that not enough official material gets released and when it does, fans and supporters aren’t made aware of this so the release doesn’t get the support that it deserves. We hope to work alongside producers so that when they have an official release coming up we are made aware of it so that we can notify the community, artwork and clips will be used to build hype for the release.

Not only will we be making people more aware of scheduled releases we also aim to build a community where everyone that loves bassline as much as we do can get involved. Our site will allow you to share your work if you’re an Up & Comer if we believe that your music has potential. Promoters will be able to advertise their raves via the events tab so that the community is made aware of what events are coming up over the next few months! Producers who already have a name for themselves within the scene also like to give a little back to their supporters once in a while so we also have a section for them to share their Free Mix CDs and MP3′s.

As you can see we have space for four sponsorship deals as well. These deals will be used to build partnerships across the UK so that we can promote and raise awareness together to strengthen the UK Music scene where needed.



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