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Wrighty vs Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Posted by Jamie On April - 12 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Wrighty vs Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Here we have another free download for you all as Wrighty drops the full version of his brand new remix via soundcloud. The Bruno Mars track ‘Just The Way You Are’ gets the 2012 treatment from Wrighty who has added UKG and Bassline elements to the popular song giving it a light and bumpy feel in the first half much like 2step, followed up by a more sharper feel using warpy bass sounds in the second half. Preview the track below or go straight for the download and dont forget to follow the upncoming Producer as I expect he has lots more in store!

DJ Trudos – Sidewinder 2012 Episode 3

Posted by Jamie On April - 9 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

DJ Trudos – Sidewinder 2012 Episode 3

Three episodes deep into his 2012 series DJ Trudos hits us with another one to showcase the sounds of the moment. If you’re into your UKG, Grime and sounds alike give this one a download!

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1. Meleka – Love You Baby (Exemen remix)
2. C.R.S.T – What I Want (Zed Bias remix)
3. Aleks Zen feat Aaron Henley – Let You Know (8th Ski remix)
4. Bodyrox – Bow Wow Wow (Mike Delinquent Project remix)
5. Clement Marfo & The Frontline feat. Kano – Mayhem (TRC Remix)
6. C4  – Off Track (Artful Remuddle)
7. Emeli Sande – Next To Me (Fabian Club Mix)
8. Troublesome – Huckleberry (Scott Garcia & Sticky remix)
9. Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army (Sunship remix)
10.Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army (Sunship Dub mix)
11.Ste W vs Bobby Brown – Feeling inside
12.Ny – Music (Sunship Dub mix)
13.Dot Rotten – Are You Not Entertained (DJ Q remix)
14.Benny Banks – Bada Bing (Rudimental ‘Costa Nostra’ remix)
15.Leon & Harvey feat. Lady Leshurr – Finally (Matt Jam and Scott Tonic remix)
16.8th Note – We Don’t Realise
17.Mdot – Can’t Get Enough (Glitch remix)
18.Jakwob – Electrify (Mike Delinquent remix)
19.Jason Derulo – Breathing (TRC Remix)
20.Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)
21.DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now (Zed Bias remix)
22.Wiley – Skankin (The 2 Bears remix)
23.Utah Saints – What Can You Do For (Ill Blu remix)
24.Redlight – Mosquito
25.Sneakbo – Fire (Cameo & J-Sweet remix)
26.Lady Leshurr – Too Much
27.Ramzee feat. Jammer & Teddy Music – That Guy
28.Preditah – Circles
29.Wiley – Hover Board
30.Ill Murk feat. U.S.F, Viper & Vader – Mosh

Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/djtrudos or @djtrudos
Follow on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djtrudos

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one, maybe Trudos will do a Bassline Blog podcast special at some point, we will see!

System – Bingo

Posted by Jamie On April - 9 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

System – Bingo

System is one of my favourite Bassline Producers to watch progress he always suprises me with his riff patterns and basses and this new track is certainly no exception, here he unleashes a fun filled dub/instrumental track with catchy melodies and an array of crazy bass sounds.

Download the track below and hit the comments to tell us what you think!

Phenomenon Recordings Launch Giveaway

Posted by Jamie On April - 9 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Phenomenon Recordings Launch Giveaway

Phenomenon Recordings (quite a mouthful) is a new music label/brand started up by Nition & Retro known within the Bassline scene. The launch of their label brought a lot of upncoming/early stage producers as well as others that are more established together. To set things off each Producer remixed and created tracks that they would give away for free in order to gain some promotion.

Check below for my favourite tracks so far and check the Phenomenon Recordings Soundcloud for the rest of the tracks as well as more as they appear. I have been assured that their first EP release will be out sometime this month so watch out for that we will cover it on here no doubt and there’s plans to release many more with a whole range of agreed vocalists available for the team to use.

Mystery vs Destinys Child – Bug A Boo (Download Here)

Switch – A Bit Patchy (System Remix) (Download Here)

Retro & Nition – Intoxicated (Dub) (Download Here)

Direct – Mario Bro’s Remix Package

Posted by BasslineBlog On April - 2 - 20121 COMMENT

Direct – Mario Bro’s Remix Package

Towards the fall of 2011 Direct released his first single “Mario Bro’s” featuring remixes from Spooky & J69 both familiar names on the blog! You can purchase the original EP from Juno now to support!

6 months after the original release & Direct has created a remix package to let other producers remix “Mario Bro’s.” Simply using samples from the Mario game series producers pretty much have free range when producing their remix. As it’s Bassline Blogs 1st Birthday this month, Direct agreed to create a competiton in partnership with us where the best remixes will then be featured for free download within the near future on here. This is a fantastic opportunity for upncomers who perhaps struggle for exposure or inspiration as this should provide both!

Email all finished tracks to Basslineblog@Gmail.Com before the 31st of May to qualify for the competiton

Direct has also released a new EP called Zoots, Beats & Progress EP which you can purchase here aswell as following him on Soundcloud & Twitter.

Download the Remix Package by clicking here, or on the EP artwork below!

Engee & Mister Maff ft Ruby Lee Ryder – Sensitivity

Posted by BasslineBlog On April - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Engee & Mister Maff ft Ruby Lee Ryder – Sensitivity

When the blog was first finding its feet one of the first official things we organised was a remix EP of Ruby Lee Ryder’s “Full Attention” vocal. Mister Maff was featured on the EP and this time round he’s teamed up with another Sheffield producer Engee to remix the vocal “Sensitivity.”

The latest EP from Forumla Records was released last month featuring Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder, not only did they include Champions vocal mix but also the acapella for budding producers to remix. Engee & Mister Maff did exactly this & it’s resulted in a free download for all the readers! Make sure to purchase the original release on Formula Records here.

I was suprised that a remix of the vocal hadn’t popped up earlier, maybe people didnt realise it was available or perhaps it was a tough vocal to work with. Judging by this remix im guessing it was the first option as Mister Maff & Engee give their own UKG spin on the original with a bouncy bassline and hard hitting breakdowns that go perfectly with the chorus.

Follow both these producers on Twitter & Soundcloud to keep up with all the latest & download the remix below on Soundcloud. dont forget to grab Mister Maff’s & Ste W’s Remix EP they recently dropped on Bandcamp here.

Twitter Mister Maff/Engee
Soundcloud Mister Maff/Engee

New Music – J.G, Direct, Manic, Wrighty

Posted by Jamie On April - 1 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

New Music – J.G, Manic, Direct, Wrighty

I have been quite excited the past few days upon hearing each of these new Bassline tracks from the scenes biggest upncoming producers of last year. This year it looks as if they are ready to dominate and set a fine example to others of how to deliver banger after banger! Last month saw some pretty good tracks appear which showed there was still life in Bassline but I reckon the best is still yet to be heard as it heats up this summer.

The first track by J.G that I heard most recently out out of the bunch is a remix of Slick Dons ‘Inna Dis’ which was a smash for TS7 last year and appeared on his JAM Volume 3 aswell as a seperate EP by Slick Don including other remixes. J.G’s remix is set to be a reminder that he is going nowhere and ready to come back and smash up the scene, it combines elements of his Bassline style mixed with influences from his Grime productions which makes it very unique.

The 2nd track I wish to share with you today is a remix with vocals from both Zeo & Trilla included which makes it one to check for straight away but vocals alone dont carry this track, Direct in quite possibly his finest hour has delivered a stomper of a track which easily compliments the two established artists. The last track I heard like this was probably from someone like Freddo which is definitely a good thing! The original version of this track was produced by Vee ‘O’ who recieved the vocals by winning a remix competition held by Zeo, he later agreed to let Direct remix the track.

The 3rd track is by longtime producer Manic who has been around for slightly longer than the above but hasn’t always been given the same sort of spotlight. This year from the off go he released a showreel aswell as a track called back to 07, several of which are favourites of mine and his latest track featuring Turbo goes to show he’s not stopping anytime soon. This remix reminds me of some of Sub Zero’s work which again is a good thing as it easily matches the quality in my opinion.

The last track by Wrighty is a remix of the ever popular hit by the Wideboys ‘If You Wanna Party, with this track Wrighty goes for a hard hitting bassline and adds chopped up vocals to send it in a different direction to previous remixes, there’s some influence from TRC in there but he adds plenty of his own style to make it a perfect track to get down to!

Check all the tracks below and keep your eyes peeled for them on upncoming mixes/releases etc.



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