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Unknown To The Unknown – Tales Of The Darkside Compilation

Tales from the Darkside is a forthcoming 12-track compilation that features an array of producers from across the ever-widening UK bass spectrum and will arrive this Halloween via Unknown to the Unknown. The collection is said to offer some of “the most demented darkside bangers you can shake your wand at” from the likes of bassline stalwart DJ Q, garage veteran DJ Narrows, and label head DJ Haus (also of Hot City), as well as newcomers like Lokiboi, Logos, and Mista Men, among many others. Today, we have a clip of DJ Q’s contribution to Tales from the Darkside, “More Than You,” and more snippets from the forthcoming record are said to be on their way in the weeks ahead. You can check out that tune, along with the compilation’s full tracklist, below.













1. Logos – Devils
2. Detboi & DJ Haus – Nightbreed
3. South Yorks Militia – Short Back & Sides
4. DJ Narrows – Android
5. TOYC – Levy
6. Lokiboi – Pump It
7. DJ Q – More Than You
8. Mista Men – Relentless
9. Checan – Killer Bee
10. Logos – Devils [Palace Remix]
11. DJ Haus & Matrixxman – Tales From The Darkside
12. Digital Bonus DJ Narrows – UFO

Checan – Bills Bills Bills

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 26 - 2012

Checan – Bills Bills Bills

Checan, a producer who I featured last week on the blog for his release on Unknown to the Unknown is back again and this time with a free download from his Soundcloud. He has remixed the classic vocal by Destiny’s Child “Bills Bills Bills” which has previously been remixed by Screama, TRC & 1st Born just to name a few. Like some of his other recent work he’s gone with a classic, bold bassline sound but still given it his own twist! Make sure you subscribe to him on soundcloud & follow him on twitter/facebook so you can keep up to date! Otherwise preview the track and download it here – Enjoy!

Checan – HYTZ/Feels So Right [UTTUR016]

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 20 - 2012

Checan – HYTZ/Feels So Right [UTTUR016]

Unknown To The Unknown Records welcome Checan into the unknown with new release Hytz/Feels So Right. The label responsible for also releasing DJ Q’s All Junglist EP have managed to do it once again with UTTUR016. Admittedly even though HYTZ has been around for several months the track was first brought to my attention on DJ Q’s show last week and I instantly loved the old school feel that HYTZ brought with its classic basslines! After luckily being able to grab a promo copy of the EP I have to say the track has grown on me throughout the week and I’ve been kicking myself for letting it slip under the radar! After seeing him at Bunga Bunga 4 and hearing gems such as “Palma Violets” on the Project All Out Mailout I’ll definitely not be making the same mistake again! Make sure you follow him on Soundcloud for all the latest music!













1. Checan – HYTZ
2. Checan – Feels So Right

Available To Buy From

Exclusive Boomkat Release – Purchase Here for £1.79 – Full Digital Release Following Week

Project All Out – Krampus EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On January - 9 - 2012

Project All Out – Krampus EP

*Click the EP cover to download or click here*

Project All Out join in with the festive give-aways releasing a free 11 track EP from various members of the Sheffield based grime label run by DJ Skillz. Previous releases from the label have been featured on the blog, Checan & Ross Orton’s “Difference EP” , Mr Dubz “Danky Skank EP” aswell as Mr Maffs & Ste W’s “Done Hard Dubz EP” so make sure you go and check those aswell. Also look out for #PAR005 from Mr Dubz coming February 2012!

Tracklist – Follow the producers by clicking on their names!

• Checan – Downturn Now ft. Trim
• DS1 – Fury
• Dsl Official – Tantrum
• Ethan Ryan – Over Priced
• HK – Am Dos
• J69 – Scrooge
• Mella Dee – Tighten Up
• Mister Maff – Mardy
• Mr Dubz – Fast Lane
• Singletown – Restore
• Ste W – Rainy Window

Checan & Ross Orton – The Difference EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On September - 25 - 2011

Checan & Ross Orton – The Difference EP –

1. Difference (Checan Original)
2. Difference (Moony Remix)
3. Difference (Mr Dubz Remix)
4. Difference (Mista Men Remix)
5. Difference (Des Demure)

The Difference EP Clips MOONY/MR DUBZ/CHECAN/MISTA MEN / DES DEMURE by Projectalloutrecords

Available to buy from



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