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Swifta Beater – Crazy EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 11 - 2012

Swifta Beater – Crazy EP


01 I’m Crazy
02 Fire
03 Bad Behaviour ft Kai Ryder
04 Killer
05 You Can Be (Co-produced by Preditah)
06 Oh Yeah
07 Swagga ft Dapz OTM
08 Close ft Miss Fire

“Swifta Beater’s grime and hip-hop instrumentals continue to be spun on sets, radio and clubs across the world and following recent collaborations with Roll Deep (No Palava, Bumbo Ole), Macca (In My Zone, Day In The Office) and Big Narstie (Pain Gang).

Now the 22-year-old Birmingham producer shares with the world another side of his musical production ability in the form of the Bassline driven ‘Crazy EP’.

Going to try and keep this too the point as I have alot to say about this long awaited EP from Swifta Beater! Iv always been aware of his work within the Bassline scene but one of the tracks on the EP entitled Fire, was his first beat that really made me think wow! Using simple samples too a devistating effect, paired with basses that none of us had heard used in Bassline before helped to propel himself forward and the demand for his beats has been evident ever since!

The next track is with fellow Stayfresh grime producer Preditah, the two together along with Miss Kai Ryder created one of my favourite tracks of 2011. “You Can Be” has a melodic introduction with Miss Kai Ryder bringing back what I honestly believe Bassline had been missing for a while bar a few producers. Whats great about this collaboration is that you can hear what each producer brought to the track and after loving it from the first time I heard it I hope to hear these two pair up within the very near future.

Whats great about this EP is that even though producers have found success within other genres of music which is a great thing as I believe it improves their techniques anyway is that they are not ashamed to still show their Crazy side which is what Swifta has certainly done with this EP and I hope it is recieved well not only by his Bassline fans but too a much wider audience!

Available to buy from

Miss Fire – I Can’t Sleep (Instrumental)

Posted by BasslineBlog On June - 16 - 2011

Miss Fire – I Can’t Sleep (Instrumental)

Miss Fire recently gave away a Bassline Instrumental which she made when she was 17. The Instrumental can be downloaded via her soundcloud where you can hear all of her new music! Also follow her on twitter for all the latest news and information regarding Miss Fire here.

Miss Fire – I Can’t Sleep – Listen & download below or click here
MISS FIRE – I CAN’T SLEEP (Instrumental) by MissFireUK

DJ Apostle & Flush UK Media Present – Girls Love Bassline

Posted by BasslineBlog On April - 27 - 2011

DJ Apostle & Flush UK Media Present – Girls Love Bassline

DJ Apostle released this free mix CD on the 14th of March via Flush UK Media to show all the great vocals that bassline recently had to offer. He later released the Girls Love Bassline EP which can be found here

*Click the CD cover to download*

V.A – I Love Bassline Album

Posted by BasslineBlog On April - 25 - 2011

V.A – I Love Bassline Album 

1. Murkz & Pyper – Whats The Moesh
2. Mr M – Dashdown (Subzero Remix)
3. Luke Bingham – Nothing To Lose (Freddo Remix)
4. KCat – Epileptic (Dub Melita Remix)
5. Miss Fire – Take Off Your Clothes (Burgaboy Remix)
6. Screama – Go
7. Trilla – Rub A Dub
8. Ts7 ft Sarah Etheridge -  Someone Like Me 
9. Leicester Allstars – Straight From LC (Freddo Remix)
10. Burgaboy ft Riekz – F**k The Police
11. 1st Born ft Jess – Going Out
12. Freddo ft Shinobi & Kase – Dirty Girl
13. TS7 ft Sarah Etheridge – I Miss You
14. Jamie Duggan & Da Booda ft SlickDon – Shut Ya Mouth
15. Nastiee Boy – Mussy Mad 2010
16. Desert Stormers ft Gia Mia – Chemistry
17. Mark Howarth – Make It Right
18. Booda ft Lady Phatmia – Lose Control
19. H Two O ft Rocco – Love Sick

DJ Apostle Mix:

1. TRC Feat Zoe – Lately
2. TS7 Feat Tonia – Smile
3. Tileasha – Something Real (T2 Remix)
4. Denver – This Is Sick
5. TS7 – Flip Flop
6. Freddo Feat Nicole Marie – Memories
7. Teresa – Let Me Love You (DJ Q Club Mix)
8. Zoe – Staring Back (1st Born & Ussy Bassline Mix)
9. TRC Feat Abbee – Dirty Little Secret
10. Burgaboy Feat Lanca – An Were Live
11. Trilla – Who Are Ya (DJ Q Dub) (With Apostle Special Who Are Ya Acapella)
12. Macca – Spaceship Anthem (TRC Remix)
13. Bassboy Feat Trilla – Box up a yute
14. Burgaboy – Jamrock (With Zeo Special Acapella)
15. Teresa – Nightmare (1st Born Bassline Mix)
16. Zoe – Playground (Burgaboy Bassline Mix)
17. Bassboy feat Lem – I Can’t get enough
18. Emvee feat Abi – Look into my eyes
19. Jess feat PTG – Goin out
20. Teresa Feat Miss Fire – Drive Me

V.A – I Love Bassline Album by BasslineBlog

Available to buy from

V.A – Supa Dupa Compilation Album

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 31 - 2009

V.A – Supa Dupa Compilation Album

V.A - Supa Dupa Compilation Album

 CD 1 Mixed By Jamie Duggan

1. Platnum & Jamie Duggan – Over The Heartache (Niche R.I.P Mix)
2. HtwoO – Pink Love (T2 Remix)
3. Delinquent feat. Kele Le Roc – Naked
4. Giggs – Talking The Hardest (DJ Q remix)
5. Boy Better Know – Too Many Man (Jamie Duggan meets Da Booda remix)
6. TRC ft Teresa – In Private
7. DJ Q ft Savannah – Got It Started (TS7 remix)
8. TRC ft Flameus – One Foot Skank
9. Dre – Whiplash
10. Rebz ft Trilla – War Skank
11. Brett Maverick – Cut Dem Off
12. Bassboy ft Dom – Right Now
13. A Dot R ft Marrion – Your Loss
14. Tombstone – Reproduction
15. K Dot & AK – Get Milli Get Mad (DJ Q remix)
16. Booda ft Flameus – Get That Dough
17. AdotR ft Rae Rae – You Break Me Down
18. TS7 ft Bianca Gerald – In Your Eyes
19. Fireman ft Hayleigh – Why (Nev Wright & D Tox remix)
20. Andy M ft Amnesia – Tell That Girl (Pum Pum’s Huge)
21. TS7 – Flip Flop
22. Screama – Hell No
23. Bassboy ft SG & Slickdon – Oh Yes
24. Teebone ft Sparks & Kie – Fly Bi (Burgaboy remix)

CD 2 Mixed By DJ Maximum

25. Boy Better Know – Too Many Man (Heartless Crew)
26. Wiley – Ice Rink
27. Frisco ft Chipmunk – Skeng Man Mode
28. Ruff Sqwad – I Wanna Let You Know
29. Musical Mob – Pulse X
30. Roll Deep – Terrible
31. Kray Twinz feat Twista, Lethal Bizzle & Gappy Ranx – What We Do
32. Jammer – Murkleman
33. Ruff Sqwad feat Tinchy Stryder – Tingz In Boots
34. Dirty Danger – Misty Cold
35. Big E D feat D Double E – Frontline
36. Youngstar – The Formula
37. Pay As You Go – Know We
38. Youngstar – Bongo
39. JME – Serious
40. Wiley – Gangsters
41. Burgaboy feat Rico & Ivallater – Burgaboy
42. Turbo – Asian Boy (TwoFace)
43. Skepta feat Trigga & Spyda – In A Corner
44. Giggs feat Shola Ama – Cut Above The Rest

CD 3 Mixed By Marcus Nasty

45. Lil Silva – Flex vs Pulse
46. Crazy Cousinz – Always Be My Baby
47. Princess – Frontline
48. Ill Blu – Blu Magic
49. Lil Silva – Seasons
50. Htwo0 ft Zoe – Pink Love (Ill Blu)
51. Marcus Nasty – Funky Monkey
52. Miss Fire – Falling (DJ Naughty)
53. Apple – De Siegalizer
54. Donaeo – Party Hard
55. Roska ft Jamie George – Wonderful Day
56. Lil Silva – Different (VIP)
57. Shystie – Pull It
58. Hardhouse Bantons – Sirens
59. Hannah Liston – Embrace Me (Crazy Cousinz)
60. D-Malice – Gabryelle refix pt.2
61. Crazy Cousinz ft MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
62. Apple – Chantes
63. Ill Blu ft Shanique – Say Yes
64. Funkystepz – Touch On Me
65. Bassy ft Cad – Hit The Club

Available to buy from



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