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DSL – Get On Up EP – Released 10th August

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 1 - 2012

DSL – Get On Up EP

For readers based in Sheffield or regular readers of the blog Project All Out records run by DJ Skillz will be a familiar name to you by now as Iv been supporting since the first release. This new release “Get On Up” uses a very simple sample of “Get On Up” very similar to a previous release “The Difference EP” instead this time the original is produced by Audio Waxx’s front man DSL, his first release on the label has been a long time coming but its certainly worth the wait!

With such a simple sample its important for a remix EP to bring variety and thats exactly what they label went for with Addminstro, Moony, Spooky, Mr Dubz & Singletown each bringing their own flavour to the original!

DSL’s original has a very nice progressive introduction which quickly changes into a heavy hitting bass paired with claps & the focus of the EP the sample “Get On Up”

Whats great is that each of the remixes has used the sample in a different way which creates diversity throughout the whole EP. All of these producers I have been following for a while and I enjoy the majority of their work but for me the tropical flavour moony brings to the EP is awesome, but the standout remix is Singletowns for me personally! A young producer from Sheffield who I first noticed on a Project All Out Mailout had his remix of “Get On Up” played on Toddla T’s Radio 1 show!

The EP is released on the 10th of August and if you like what you hear make sure to go and look through Project All Outs back catalogue by clicking here.


DSL – Get On Up
DSL – Get On Up (Addminstro Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Moony Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Spooky Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Mr Dubz Remix)
DSL – Get On Up (Singletown Remix)

Mr Dubz – Face Time EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 27 - 2012

Mr Dubz – Face Time EP

Mr Dubz releases his second EP on the Sheffield based grime label “Project All Out” run by DJ Skillz. “FaceTime” a 4 track instrumental EP. I first heard of Mr Dubz via Project All Out and i’ve followed his work very closely ever since. His music is very hard to catergorise and im sure that plays a part in why i enjoy it so much. DJ’s dropping tracks like “Facetime VIP” could play them in a grime rave, a dubstep rave & even a Bassline rave and im sure the outcome would be the same everytime…utter madness.

I was lucky enough to witness this experience first hand back at the beginning of February at Bunga Bunga 4 where Mr Dubz dropped a mix of his own material aswell as some other classics and some new DJ Q 4×4 bits, the combination went down very well, even if it was 5am in the morning! Mr Dubz still has versatitly though which shines through in the tracks “Build Up” which has a slow melodic build up but the energy present is still devastating. Facetime VIP is also featured on the EP, but dont forget you can purchase the original aswell as 3 other tracks from Mr Dubz on his first EP “Danky Skank” also released by Project All Out. Dont forget to download the free EP from the Project All Out team given out at Christmas – Krampus EP

1. Mr Dubz – Facetime VIP
2. Mr Dubz – Tumpa Riddim
3. Mr Dubz – Out The Door
4. Mr Dubz – Build Up

Mr Dubz Facetime Ep Release Feb 27th Project Allout Records by Projectalloutrecords

Available to buy from

Ethan Ryan – Blueberry EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 26 - 2012

Ethan Ryan – Blueberry EP

New to the Project All Out Label Ethan Ryan who used to go by the alias of Tabz, may be a bit more familiar to the Bassline fans. Either way he’s back and this time with a brand new Grime release on the ever expanding Project All Out Label who have just released their 5th EP “FaceTime EP” by Mr Dubz.

This 5 track grime instrumental EP caters to many, whether its the melodic title track “Blueberry” or the collaboration with Chugz on “Bullet Bill” my personal favourite on the release. If you manage to catch DSL on his Audio Waxx show or Skillz on the Project All Out Show on BCR 103.1fm you will of had the opportunity to catch many of these instrumentals before, although I hope to hear a few local MC’s have a go at vocalling “Lock Jaw” with its stabby brass that is becoming familiar within the genre! Make sure to follow him on Twitter aswell as Soundcloud for the latest news!

Ethan Ryan – Blueberry
Ethan Ryan – Lockjaw
Ethan Ryan ft Chugz – Bullet Bill
Ethan Ryan – Battle Field
Ethan Ryan – Aint Your Thing

Out Now Exclusively on Juno for £4.49 click here.

Mr Maff & Ste W – Done Hard Dubz EP – PAR004

Posted by BasslineBlog On November - 21 - 2011

Mr Maff & Ste W – Done Hard Dubz EP – PAR004

Sheffield based Grime label ‘Project All Out’ ran by DJ Skillz release their 4th EP. A 6 track Grime instrumental EP produced by Mr Maff & Ste W. You can catch the Project All Out Show every Sunday 10pm – 12pm on BCR 103.1 fm or click here. Follow them on Soundcloud to here more of their work – Mr MaffSte WProject All Out – Otherwise preview the EP below!

1 – Mister Maff – Captured
2- Mister Maff – Fusion
3 – Ste w – Bellyache
4 – Ste w – Scorcher
5 – Mister Maff & Ste W – Whut
6 – Mister Maff & Ste W – Safety Belt

Mr Maff & Ste – W – DONE HARD DUBZ EP by Projectalloutrecords

Available to buy from

Checan & Ross Orton – The Difference EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On September - 25 - 2011

Checan & Ross Orton – The Difference EP –

1. Difference (Checan Original)
2. Difference (Moony Remix)
3. Difference (Mr Dubz Remix)
4. Difference (Mista Men Remix)
5. Difference (Des Demure)

The Difference EP Clips MOONY/MR DUBZ/CHECAN/MISTA MEN / DES DEMURE by Projectalloutrecords

Available to buy from

Mr Dubz – Danky Skank EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On August - 1 - 2011

Mr Dubz – Danky Skank EP

Mr Dubz - Danky Skank EP - Out 1st August

Sheffield label ‘Project All Out’ release a new EP entitled ‘Danky Skank’ produced by Mr Dubz, a 4 track EP influenced by all sounds of the underground! To hear more from ’Project All Out’ lock into their weekly show on Sunday 10-12 PM on BCR hosted by DJ Skillz. Follow them on Soundcloud & Twitter below & listen to clips of the EP!


Mr DubzProject All Out


Mr DubzProject All Out

Mr Dubz EP Late June / July Release Project Allout by Projectalloutrecords

Available to buy from



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