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TRC – Legs 11 (Out Now)

Posted by BasslineBlog On January - 19 - 2013

TRC – Legs 11


TRC recently announced a brand new 4×4 mix CD containing 11 brand new remixes produced by himself. Needless to say this project has us very excited and here’s a small teaser to build anticipation!

Update : TRC just dropped the download link for this release.

**Download Here**

01. TRC V Aaliyah – Rock The Boat
02. TRC V Rihanna – Diamonds
03. TRC V Cash Out – Cashin’ Out
04. TRC V Drake – Diced Pineapples Dub
05. TRC V Omarion – M.I.A
06. TRC V Usher – Lemme See
07. TRC V Miguel – Adorn
08. TRC V Kirko Bangz – Drank In My Cup
09. TRC – I Just (Dub)
10. TRC V Usher – Climax Dub (Now Were Falling)
11. Usher – Climax (TRC UKG Remix Bonus Track)

TRC – Leak EP 2

Posted by BasslineBlog On February - 20 - 2012

TRC – Leak EP 2

I know I’ve been slowing in blogging this, and its fair to say I should of been prepared to post this as its been coming “this week for sure” for quite a while! Jokes aside TRC has always been one of my favourite producers whether its his Bassline, UKG or Grime.

The follow up to the “Leak EP” encorporates all these sounds which was a pleasent suprise as I did fear that some of his Bassline perhaps wouldnt feature on the giveaway.

Huge collaborations come from S-X & Teeza which is partly why the release was delayed but its safe to say both tracks were more then worth the wait!

The stand out tracks for me personally are “Be With You” which features Kai Ryder, who you may be familiar with from the Preditah & Swifta track “You Can Be.” Her voice really compliments this style of music and I hope to hear more from all of them within the near future!

Instrumental goodness comes from “Left The Baboon” which is the instrumental to his previous remix of P Money vocal “Left The Room.” “Burn” the UKG smash which was championed by 1xtra’s DJ Q for several weeks is now available to the mass aswell but “How Your Feeling” has to be my favourite! From the soft build up in the intro with keys and strings it has a strong garage feel but when the track drops there are those ever familiar TRC basses which instantly take me back a couple of years.

Download the CD by clicking on the artwork below or click here!


1. TRC – Intro
2. TRC – Sonic Boom
3. TRC – Cherry Lube Slap (Do It)
4. TRC – Zero
5. TRC & S-X – ToniMonHannah
6. TRC – Burn
7. TRC – How Your Feeling
8. TRC – Left The Baboon
9. TRC – Party People
10. TRC & Teezer – Tazer
11. TRC – Them Hoes Had To Do It
12. TRC ft Kai Ryder – Be With You

TRC – The Leak EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On September - 16 - 2011

TRC – The Leak EP

Today TRC released ‘The Leak E.P’ via Facebook after recieving 100 likes. The EP features 11 tracks in total and varies in style from Grime to Garage. TRC a member of the Butterz label can be followed on Soundcloud & Twitter and you can check out other releases & giveaways here.

*Click the EP cover to download or click here*


Vice Grip
Into Sync
Main Number
Hardest Hustle
Back To Fluff
You (Instrumental)
Skipping Rope

TRC – Oo Aa Ee (J.G Bassline Remix)

Posted by BasslineBlog On July - 15 - 2011

TRC – Oo Aa Ee (J.G Bassline Remix)

TRC - Oo Aa Ee EP

Recently Butterz the label gave out the stems for Oo Aa Ee for free here and up & coming sheffield producer J.G did his very own bassline remix which he has agreed to give away for free to support the blog! You can follow J.G on twitter & soundcloud for all his latest music & news.  Listen to & support the original ‘Oo Aa Ee’ EP produced by TRC here, otherwise click the download button below!

TRC ft K Dot – Muffin Man Freestyle

Posted by BasslineBlog On June - 24 - 2011

TRC ft K Dot – Muffin Man Freestyle

Bassline Producer TRC made the instrumental ‘Muffin Man’ back in 2010  influenced by the popular remix of Macca’s ’10 Spaceship Anthem’ which can be purchased on the ‘I Love Bassline’ Compilation. TRC also created a Dub for the instrumental using a vocal from P Money which can be heard on his soundcloud. It’s now 2011 and popular sheffield MC K Dot has released a freestyle using Muffin Man as the beat for freedownload! The track was first heard a few weeks ago when it was aired on DJ Q’s UKG Show. Follow both TRC & K Dot on twitter for their latest news & information, and click the download button below to hear K Dots Freestyle!

TRC – The Bandit EP

Posted by BasslineBlog On June - 3 - 2011

TRC – The Bandit EP

TRC -  The Bandit EP

1. TRC – Bandit
2. TRC – Bandit VIP
3. TRC – Brownies
4. Spyro – 8-10 (TRC Remix)


TRC – Bandit EP by BasslineBlog

Available to buy from

TRC – Summer Splash Vol.1

Posted by BasslineBlog On May - 18 - 2011

TRC – Summer Splash Vol.1

TRC released a new UKG Mix CD for Summer Via his twitter and facebook. The CD can be downloaded by clicking the button below!


01. TRC Ft Ruth – You & Me
02. Paleface Ft Liace – Over
*Download Me For Free* 03.Wookie Ft S.I.A – Littleman (DJ Q Remix) *Download Me For Free*
04. TRC & Teresa – I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend
05. P Money Ft Blacks & Slickman – Boo You
06. Littlefoot – Sell My Soul
*Download Me For Free* 07. Burgaboy Ft Donaeo – Where’s Ma Mansdem *Download Me For Free*
08. TRC vs P Money – Bump Into Me vs Sex
09. Nastee Boi – Backflip
10. TRC Ft Alahna – Burn
11. JG vs Rihanna – Breakin’ Dishes
12. DJ Q – Reefa
13. MJ Cole Ft Wiley – From The Drop
*Buy Me* 14. Toddla T – Take It Back (DJ Q Remix) *Buy Me*
15. Nastee Boi – Can’t You See Remix
*Buy Me* 16. Freddo Ft Jess – Take A Chance *Buy Me*
17. DJ Q Ft Robbie Rue – Shake Shot Slide Wine
*Buy Me* 18. Teresa – Nightmare (Subzero Remix) *Buy Me*



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